The Fair Committee


Glen Moore

Vice President

Jonathan Van Horne


Lynn Ouimet

Office Assistant

Tammy Arthur


Lorne McNaughton
Kevin Dineen
Raleigh Hersey
Terry Ouimet
Sarah Moore
Danny Leahy
Herb Larocque
Jason McLean

Junior Directors

Elizabeth Chapman

Other committees

Wanda Helm 450-264-2925

Grounds keeper
Raleigh Hersey

Gates and Parking
Danny Leahy 450-288-2010

Demolition Derby
Sarah Moore 450-544-3795

Jenny Carrigan 450-264-2504
Linda Craig 450-264-6659

Flower and Hoticultural
Shirley Stark 450-264-5636
Bertha Quinell 450-264-2127

Horse Show
Diane Brisebois 450-264-4197

Tractor Pull
Kevin Dineen 450-264-6659
Jonathon VanHorne 450-544-3031
Terry Ouimet 450-544-3129
Jason McLean 450-544-3758

Children Centre
Stacey Jameison 450-264-4097

4H Club
Emma Monique 450-264-8148

Water Ball & Tug of War
Alan McDougall 450-807-2077