General Rules and Regulations

Below you will find the general rules and regulations that apply to ALL EVENTS of the Fair

General Rules and Regulations


  1. Syndicates, groups or partnerships will be respected as separate, individual exhibitors.
  2. Tickets must be attached to each article for exhibition and reclaimed by persons who have entered.
  3. All items (entry fees) subject to payment of G.S.T. and P.S.T. regulations will be enacted by H.A.S. All entry fees collected will be paid out as prize money to exhibitors.
  4. All competitors are subject to the Society’s General Rules & Regulations and when doubts or disputes arise, the Board of Directors shall decide the same.
  5. All judges have been carefully selected and persons making entries accept these judges and agree to abide by their decisions. The judge has the privilege of withholding a first prize in any class where he/she feels there is no article qualified to receive a first prize. Protests or other grounds must be made in writing on the day in which protested action was taken, given to the chairperson of the department and accompanied by $25.00 in cash, which will be returned if the protest is sustained.
  6. The Society will take reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of all exhibits on exhibition, but the owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting them. Exhibitors must supply their own hay, bedding or grain. All exhibitors must be responsible for their own exhibits.
  7. The Directors reserve the right to pay prizes according to the money available. Specials are in addition to prize money.
  8. There will be absolutely no replacement of voided cheques. All cheques must be cashed within 30 days of issuance. This rule will be strictly adhered to. All prize money will be paid in Canadian Funds.
  9. No animal having a contagious disease shall be allowed on the exhibition grounds, and if any animal has been admitted through an oversight, and is suffering from any such disease, the executive committee shall immediately order its removal from the grounds and cause the stall to be disinfected.
  10. SMOKING IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN IN ALL BUILDINGS and it is forbidden to connect heaters, floodlights, etc. to the electric circuits in the barns.
  11. No dog or other vicious animal will be allowed on the grounds unless forming part of an entertainment group and is under the constant care of its keeper.
  12. The Directors reserve the right to amend or change these rules in any way they see fit.
  13. The Society will not hold itself responsible for any grammatical, typographical or printing errors in the prize list. Should they occur, the Directors shall rule on them.

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