Dairy Cattle Rules

***Rules given by Agri-Traçabilité Québec Inc.

  1. Entry Fee: (a) $5.00/head plus 20% of prize money (b) $10.00/head plus 30% of prize money on late entries.
  2. 1 Exhibitor Pass per head (maximum 4)will be given to each exhibitor, additional passes may be purchased. This pass does not include access to the rides.
  3. Cattle classes will be shown as scheduled and exhibitors are requested to have their cattle on the grounds by Friday, August 11 at 6:00 pm.
  4. All animals must be registered at time of making entries. The name, registration number, date of birth (year/month/day), name and registration number of sire and dam are also required. B.C.A. is not required but will be used in the program.
  5. Exhibitors must have registration certificates and production records on hand and produce them when requested by an official. (No photocopies or copies of sale catalogues will be accepted as proof of performance.)
  6. All exhibits must be registered in the name of the exhibitor in accordance with the by-law of their respective association. The certificate of registration must state that the animal is purebred or at least 75% of purebred inheritance. All exhibits must be legibly tattooed (if applicable).
  7. The maximum total eligible exhibit from a breeding unit is 15 head
  8. There must be at least 3 exhibitors in each breed of dairy classifications. If less than 3 exhibitors in one of the following breeds: Holstein, Ayrshire and Jersey, also less than 24 per breed, only 50% of the prizes offered will be paid that breed by this exhibition.
  9. HEALTH REGULATIONS: All animals offered for entry must be free from contact with any contagious or infectious disease for a period of 60 days prior to the opening of the Fair.
  10. ENTRIES CLOSE FRIDAY, AUGUST 4th AT 17H00. Entries after this date will be accepted only if space available.
  11. Verification of animals will take place Friday between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. All exhibitors are asked to have someone present with their animals with registration certificates and production certificates during this time.
  12. Exhibitors can leave Saturday night after 18h00. HAS offers $10 per head (maximum $50) to eny exhibitor who stays until Sunday at 15h00.


**In virtue of Federal and Provincial cattle identification rules, animals without electronic identification will not be accepted on site.




1st - $100.00
2nd - 80.00
3rd - 60.00
4th - $40.00
5th - 20.00

6th - 10.00
7th - $10.00
8th - 10.00
9th - 10.00
10th - $10.00



Class 1 – Female, Junior Calf, born Mar 1/17-May 31/17
Class 2 – Female, Intermediate Calf, born Dec 1/16 – Feb 28/17
Class 3 – Female Calf, born Sept. 1/16 – Nov 30/16
Class 4 – Female Summer Yearling, born June 1/16 – Aug. 31/16
Class 5 – Female, 1-year old Junior Yearling, born March 1/16 – May 31/16
Class 6 – Female, 1-year old Intermediate Yearling, born Dec. 1/15 - Feb 28/ 16
Class 7 – Female, 1-year old Senior Yearling, born Sept. 1/15 - Nov 30/15
Class 8 - Progeny of Dame- (2 female offspring of a common mother)

Class 9 - Junior Breeders Herd (owned & bred by exhibitor). Group of 3 animals, limited to one exhibit per Exhibitor. Exhibitor must have bred all three animals and own at least two. The registration certificate for each respective animal must show the exhibitor as “breeder” and as “owner” in both cases either as an individual or in partnership. In other words, the exhibitor may be a “joint owner/joint breeder” of an animal. Note the exception: where another exhibitor may own one animal.

The maximum total eligible exhibits from a breeding unit is 15 head, comprised of 10 head plus 2 4-H calves and 2 subs (4-H animals must be shown by 4-H members). These exhibits will not be eligible to compete in the Breeders Herd. Prize money will be paid out for the top 10 head only. A Banner will be given to the best 5 animals.

In the cow palace on Saturday, August 12, 2017 starting at 11:00 a.m.

Class 1 – trophy
Class 2 – trophy
Class 3 - trophy
Class 4 - trophy
Class 5 - trophy
Class 6 - trophy
Class 8 - trophy
Class 9 - trophy
Grand Champion - trophy
Reserve Champion – Ribbon
Holstein Premier Exhibitor - Banner donated by Centre Agricole Co-op du Haut
Holstein Premier Breeder – Trophy donated by Lac-Matic Inc.
Junior Premier Breeder - Banner donated by CIAQ
Junior Premier Exhibitor - Banner donated by CIAQ


Champion Ayrshire Calf …..$30.00
Reserve Ayrshire Calf….…..$20.00
Champion Holstein Calf.…..$30.00
Reserve Holstein Calf……...$20.00
Champion Jersey Calf…..….$30.00
Reserve Jersey Calf……..…..$20.00
Champion Brown Swiss .…..$30.00
Reserve Brown Swiss……….$20.00 
Champion Senior Showman…..$30.00
Reserve Senior Showman……...$20.00
Champion Inter. Showman…...$30.00
Reserve Inter. Showman………..$20.00
Champion Junior Showman…...$30.00
Reserve Junior Showman……....$20.00

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